Blogging for Moms

Blogging for moms is a term that refers to blogs that moms run. Moms can decide to blog on a wide range of topics that relate to their everyday life. For instance, they can share parenting tips. Toddlers experience different challenges in their lives. Through the mom’s blog, new moms can learn new tricks on how to handle a wide range of issues that relate to pregnancy. Provided someone has experience in parenting, they can research and share valuable tips. The content posted on the blogs can be monetized in several ways to earn mom’s income from home. There are many websites out there that moms run, and they help them make income. It is a great idea for moms to run blogs as they relax at home parenting. Babysitting requires time, but the few minute’s mothers’ spaces can be utilized to generate income.

blogging for moms

A second scenario where someone can be taught to run a mom blog is not a mother but has experience on different topics that touch on motherhood. They can blog on areas such as improving a baby’s health, dealing with weight issues during pregnancy, and even reviewing products that mothers can use to deal with several health issues during pregnancy. The title can be given to any mom who blogs or a bog that targets things to do with mothers.

Ways to make money when blogging for moms

There are more than five ways mothers can make money when blogging. The main aim of starting a blog for most mothers is to create a source of income that can supplement their everyday income. Before starting a blogging site as a mom, it is essential to compare the several possible ways of earning from the blogs. Here are common ways to earn from blogging:

Running ad revenue

Google and other ad companies allow people to run ads from where they are paid. To start earning from this method, first start the blog and adhere to all google terms and conditions. Check out the google ads terms and conditions, then apply. In most cases, it only requires an email and adhering to all the terms and conditions under the google ads coamings. The campaigns will run on the website from where payment will be made. Earning more from the ad revenue requires more traffic. Invest in search engine optimization to attract more people and start earning money. Some mothers have optimized their websites well to attract more traffic. They earn a decent income from the ad revenue.

Affiliate revenue

The affiliate revenue is generated from listing products for other people on the site. For example, a blog that reviews baby formulas can have affiliate links that lead to companies that sell baby formulas. The companies will then pay a commission based on the successful sales. Mom blogs that are run by mothers experienced in handling different baby issues can rely on the affiliate method. It is among the most effective methods to earn from the blogs provided the blog has been optimized to target the right audience. There is also a need to invest in SEO and increase traffic. The application of keyword research tools such as Ahrefs is essential in knowing the right keywords to target. Another free tool to use is the google keyword planner. It gives insights on the right keywords to target when running the ad campaigns.

Private advertising and Sponsorships

Selling products and services

Mothers can start small eCommerce platforms to sell products such as E-courses that touch on different issues related to motherhood. They can also cover items such as digital baby mommy planer and printable. Mothers are interested in buying high-quality products and services that can help them become better mothers. There are several parenting products out there. A blog dedicated to reviewing different parenting products and services can be utilized to earn revenue from different internet users. Provided the product is of the highest value, people will be willing to buy it.

Tips to start blogging for mom’s money-making venture

There are few steps to follow before earning from the blogging idea. First, ensure you decide on the right blogging topic. They are preferred to niches. Some niches are easy to dominate, and others will expose you to a lot of competition. Using a competitive research tool such as Ahrefs here comes in handy. Get to know niches that are easy to target. If a given niche is too big to dominate, decide on a micro-niche, and it will attract enough traffic to start earning money in the process.

1. Deciding on a niche

Several niches fall under mom blogging. Anything that is of interest to mothers is considered a mom niche. Consider a niche where you are comfortable tackling the topics. The niches run from parenting to money-saving tips. Some of the niches to try are:

Parenting Advice

In most cases, people who have newborns are in families. They are trying to start a family, and challenges come up. The topic of parenting advice can generate a lot of traffic. Ensure the topics and blog posts are comprehensive. It is easy to do enough research online and come up with practical tips. Some mothers decide to share their life stories about parenting tips. It is another method that has proven to work. This is one of the best topics to start with for those moms who want to start blogging.

Budgeting and Personal Finance

As a mother or a parent, several issues come up, and they need the attention of the two parents financially. They would like to know how they can manage their money well and run the family smoothly. Offering personal finance advice is a broad topic that can touch on different areas of interest to the parents. Ensure the content is engaging to get the attention of parents who will eventually end up doing business from the referrals.

Health and Lifestyle

Mothers face several health challenges during pregnancy. They would like to know more about the challenges that happen in their lives. Through the boog, areas such as getting pregnant, the changes in someone’s body during the semesters, and the process of giving birth can be carried. There are many health supplements that mothers can try to control different health issues that face them when they have given birth. The niche can cover such areas.


DIY and Crafting

Those interested in starting a mom blog that sells crafts can have a website that touches on the DIY crafting ideas. It can cover several crafts and sell tutorials to other people. Some mothers even go the extra mile of making their craft at home and sell online other blogs. The strategy works very well because the blog will attract customers from all over the world. To sell items quickly on a personal blog, incorporate payment methods such as PayPal. It makes it easy to process orders. People trust the methods to shop online. Extra security measures should be employed to keep the blog secure from hackers. Those who prefer WordPress content management systems can utilize several website security plugins.

Cooking and Baking

Motherlove cooking a lot. Some have some knowledge on how to cook; they can share successful tips with other mothers. The blog can earn from affiliates where mothers will click and get directed to manufacturers who sell different food items. The blog can be as well optimized to earn from ad traffic. A mother who loves cooking will have several things to share because cooking is a daily affair. They can try different foods and share recipes for other people to learn.


Mothers lose jobs, or they are bored with their current jobs. They would like to get self-employment ideas. A blog that covers different aspects of self-employment will be of great interest to moms. The blog should have a detailed analysis of different self-employment ideas. There are some things people would like to know about self-employment. The blog can cover the different aspects of self-employment to motivate mothers to go for what they would like to achieve in their lives.


A blog that covers different topics related to parents can be a great way to keep mothers hooked on a site. New mothers are experiencing new things in their lives, and they would like to explore more. The research-backed information about the different issues that face mothers will keep them visiting the site. They will even refer other people to the site making the site grow with time. Please choose the right fonts so that mothers can quickly get the correct information as they explore different topics of interest.

2. Choose a Name

The second step when starting a mom blog is to choose a name. Go for a name that is related to the ideas you intend to discuss. The name should be memorable so that those who will visit the site will be repeat customers. Working with a name that is easy to remember is a great way to attract more people to the site. They would like to get more information, and a unique and memorable name will keep them returning.

3. Domain and Hosting

The next step is to buy a domain name. Hosting companies such as Bluehost and GoDaddy can sell the name in a few steps. Compare the several hosting companies to locate one that can offer great deals. First, take into consideration the type of business you intend to run on the blog. Some domains and hosting packages are designed for big websites, and others are for personal blogs where people can share short blogs.

4. Setting up The Website

After purchasing a domain name and a hosting package, the next step is to set up the website. Log in to the hosting account and install WordPress. Many people recommend WordPress as a content management system because it has several plugins that handle coding issues. Mothers would not be expected to have a lot of knowledge when it comes to coding. They can utilize the WordPress software to keep the content running. Few WordPress plugs are essential to install after WordPress installation. They are:

All in One SEO

The mom blog should be optimized for search engines. Installing all-in-one SEO is essential to optimize the website for search engines. Other people interested in researching a given topic would like to discover the website; the plugin has several settings that make it easy for search engines to access the website and rank it. You can start with the free version of the plugin and later update to a premium version to cases more features.

Google Analytics for WordPress from MonsterInsights

It is essential to configure google analytics on the website. The google analytics tool will make it easy to know whether issues prevent the website from ranking and even offer suggestions on what should be done. When the status is up to date, optimizing the website for the best experience when handling different issues becomes easy. It has useful features that can be utilized to keep the website ranking high.


The WordPress plugin is helpful because it allows the creation of contact forms on the website. Remember, contact forms are essential to keep the visitors engaged on the site. There are some issues, such as business deals, that the visitor would like to connect with you. The plugin makes the process of creating contact forms easy. You can get a free version with few features or go for the premium plugin that supports creating surveys and other detailed content features.

WP Super Cache

Visitors prefer websites that load faster. The use of the plugin in a website leads to faster loading. Readers would like to access a different feature on the website fast. When people search on the internet, several websites pop up on search engine results. The websites that open fast tend to get more traffic. Web developers are required to look for ways of speeding up the loading. The plugin is beneficial in making the website load faster.


It is an essential WordPress plugin that helps in improving website security. It will keep the website protected from hackers and scamming websites. The plugin has inbuilt features to notify you when there are any attempts to hack the website. The premium version has more features to ensure you have complete control of the website features. Those interested in getting the highest level of security can go for the premium version. Nowadays, hackers can damage a good online venture. It is essential to invest in website security before it is too late.

5. Writing posts

After installing the plugins, the next step is to ensure the website is up and running. Get detailed content that will keep readers hooked. A tool such as Grammarly helps remove common errors that people make when typing. Google prefers long and detailed blogs. Ensure the content is professionally written to address a given issue at a time. Sometimes mothers can be too busy to handle the different issues that affect their websites. They can outsource writing services. There are several platforms where writers can be hired at fair prices. They include platforms such as Hirewriters.com, iWriter.com, and Textbroker.com. Compare the different content writing platforms and decide on an affordable platform and has the best writers.

6. Setting up Email and Social Media Accounts for the blog

There is a need to build an audience. Social media accounts are essential in creating an audience for the blog. After posting content on the blog, it can be shared on social media. Separate business and social media by creating a different social media account for the website. Used platforms such as Facebook pages and Instagram to create the accounts. The blog email should be different from the personal email. Most web hosts will allow the creation of an email related to the blog. Use the email provided by the blog host to make interaction with potential customers more professional.

7. Launching the New Mom Blog

After all the prices are set, the next step is to launch the website. Let friends and family members know about it. Ask them to share it on their social media accounts. It is an easy way to start getting traffic. Create attractive posts and start promoting them. There are free ways to promote websites on social media. Use your social media accounts to promote the content and be patient. At first, the results may not be impressive, but give it time, and it will eventually grow to attract more customers.

8. Research the competition

You need to know what other people are doing to stay in business. To easily track their progress and strategize to defeat them, use a keyword research tool such as Ahrefs. It will give an idea of where they get backlinks and other aspects of the website. Get the information and come up with ideas to beat the competition. The simple steps you take will go a long way towards growing the website and attract more sales.

9. Join Groups and Forums for Moms

To expand knowledge on the different issues covered on the website. It is good to research around and get the right groups and forums to join. The forums tend to cover different issues related to motherhood. If you have researched a given issue being discovered, post links to your website to attract more traffic. Mothers will tend to appreciate where useful content is available. The forums will also provide useful backlinks that can influence the website’s ranking to some extent. Try to engage as many people as possible on the forums. It is a great way to attract more people to the website.

10. Monetize Your Blog

The final step to take after developing the website is to monetize the blog. Go over the methods we discussed above and decide on one that best suits your blog. If you were reviews products, then having affiliate links on the website will lead to earning income. The income may be small at first, but with efforts to carry out more search engine optimization efforts, the website will rank more keywords on Google, leading to the generation of more income. Running a successful blog will require patient, dedication, and doing the right thing at all times. Ensure you invest in the best strategies to get things running.